Great opening

Great date for our company. Since today is our founder's birthday, we decided to launch the website on this date. What can you expect to see here?

We founded our company to provide high quality design to companies across the world. We design and build amazing graphic designs and websites that look much nicer than they cost and give your company the upperhand on the market. We provide an all inclusive graphic service for your business. From marketing to graphic design, your business will look the part.

Even though we are nerds, we can explain our solutions to anyone, so no technical jargon, unless of course you are into that.

Dragana Pehar

We start by trying to understand the purpose of a company through research and interviews. We then define the brand and build a strategic direction aligned with that purpose. We examine and organize brand systems, names, and structures, and adjust these as necessary.

Based on our strategy work, we create distinctive brand experiences that can cover every digital and physical point of contact and interaction with a brand. Our contributions keep the brand relevant in a changing world, set the brand apart from competitors, and build the brand’s long-term equity.

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About us


Our work involves a wide range of professional activities, including social marketing managment, company development, branding, designing logos, brochures, billboards, flyers, posters etc...

Across mediums of print,digital and web, we have collaborated with marketing and advertising executives and led small businesses to create high visual content that drives increased company revenue.

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